Onwards And Upwards

Three years back, universe blessed me with the most life altering experience and I couldn’t be more grateful. I saw real life from up close, as tough as it can get for someone living perhaps in the worst of circumstances and yet fighting everyday to make the most of it. That experience gave me a sense of purpose and my life a sense of direction. Those people – kids and women – inspired me. 

Tonight, I am writing this down as a reminder that I chose this path for myself. I am writing this down to exhale the idea from my mind and heart that this path is tough. To stop feeling sorry for myself because I have had to make many sacrifices along this journey or that I will continue to miss out on many things life has to offer. There is nothing to feel sorry about, these aren’t even real sacrifices. 

I am blessed that I can afford to even attempt a chance at following my dreams. And if I truly believe this to be my purpose, I will acknowledge the fact that it is bigger than my own petty problems which I let get in the way of working hard. I will not think about the outcome and even if I fail again, universe will show me another way. My focus is only on doing what I should be doing and growing as a person along the way, no regrets. 

Life will give me whatever experiences are the most helpful in the evolution of my consciousness and I, too, intend to make the most of it. 


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