No End In Sight

Crossing the blues in an orange life jacket,
You escaped the siege in rafts overcrowded.
Holding on to your children, through the Aegean,
You are the face of hope, strength and resilience.
Ashore, barbed fences match your space blankets;
There are no open borders but you persevere.
After all, you stood back up when concrete fell apart,
Moving bunker to bunker, you learnt the sound of war,
Breathing through rubble as it settled into abstract gray art,
You survive amidst humanity’s greatest downfall.
Helpless and broken hearted, I offer a sunset prayer,
Please, no more guns, shells and strikes from the air.



The latest updates from Syria detail brutal air raids on civilian homes in Idlib, along with bombing of refugee camps. Forced displacement of civilians from Ghouta continues. Millions are without homes, while governments spend billions on border control. There is no end in sight to this suffering but to do nothing would be a greater shame. World needs solidarity and compassion, today more than ever. If you live in the Middle East, Europe or East Coast USA, please support the humanitarian efforts by The Syria Campaign. Visit the link –

The Syria Campaign







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