Positive Vibes Only?

Every second of every day, our senses gather up to 400 billion inputs. Our consciousness, or our capacity to be aware of things, is merely 2000 outputs. Meaning, there are billions of things we are completely oblivious to. How does our brain sort through and process this information overdose? The fight-or-flight response explains that. Nothing is more crucial to us than survival and therefore, it doesn’t matter what’s out there, as long as there is stuff that scares you, that’s what’s going to catch your attention. All the incoming information stops first at the danger detector, a part of our brain that is primed to look for negative news. All in all, not such a bad thing, but in today’s world with a million media channels fighting for our attention? Oh boy. If it bleeds, it leads.

Yes, this is me using neurobiology to comfort myself while the media is keeping me on edge, pumping me with negative news. I realized today how important it is to work on keeping my psychological immune system strong and not fall prey to negative bias. I can only take negative vibes until so long, then I begin to lose contact with my own positive energy but I need to fight back when a bad atmosphere tries to get me out of balance. How do you do that? How do you heal the energetic vibe around you? You inhale the pain for everyone at once, acknowledge it, talk it out but then you have got to exhale it. Exhaling it is kind of sending everyone a sense of comfort while being fully aware that pain exists. I guess it works better than denial or ignorance.

Feeling like there is a lot of pain around, like things are falling apart for so many people and getting angry or disappointed is normal. Feeling like everybody would rather treat each other in an unloving way is explainable. But the good news is that you can turn that recognition into compassion. You can stop being overwhelmed and take back your peace of mind so you can be more effective and grateful. Turning your day around is in your hands and this is me celebrating my small victory!


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