Last Summer

Summer of last year, a planned escape
From desires half articulated, a bane
To satisfy my longing for a memory
Memory both real and illusory, so to say
Felt fictional, only distracted talk, I scrape
To break free from words, a getaway

I got here amidst early morning haze
And as the waterfall called my name
I knew, I can’t leave on my own accord
How can I, destiny got me here today
Here if I break apart, my pain will be cured
Don’t have to hide my heart, locked away

Outside of this writing, I speak no words
Flow quite, majestic, hit the right chords
Yesterday I walked on wide noisy streets
Today there is none, I am the only noise
In rhythm, breathing in sync to my beats
See with my eyes closed, empty of worries

For a glass of this silence, a sip of this night
Where moon reflects my heart, stars my joy
I drink no cider or wine, don’t need it slight
Two worlds collide, my inside, the outside
Found all miracle signs guided by moonlight
Religion ain’t looking for answers, such a ploy

I gaze at fire, smoke, its red world I admire
Aflame, my prison gates, I nurture every desire
Today the one I love is beside me, we lie together
Is that lust? Only purity of a mystic union
This won’t wash off, our breathing is blurred
Love, wandering in ecstasy, only to become one


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