A Masquerade Party

I recently moved to New Delhi, a city full of life and colors. I moved here from a beautiful little private township. No brownie points for guessing the effort that went into settling down post this transition. Today, this city and I share a love-hate relationship. In the most simplest words I can describe Delhi, it’s an uninterrupted Masquerade party.

The familiar glitter and buzz.

Chasing and seeking.

Masked faces.

They make a first impression.

Intelligent and pretty.

Or honest and witty.

Proud or pretentious.

We label them all.

But people have a habit of surprising you. You get used to thinking of them in one way, stuck in their roles. Perceiving things in monochrome. And then one fine day you discover all this depth and dimension to them you never knew existed. Maybe it’s the situation which holds back certain parts of you at various points of time. What’s important is to not let those parts die inside of you. You begin as someone and by the time you have all this plethora of experience on your side, you rediscover yourself. The aim should be to not be afraid of searching those hidden parts and meanings. Maybe you’re missing out on something beautiful and precious, that will be treasured by you and many others.


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