Rolling in the Stars

Sarika Pandit, in her ‘Bucket List of a Traveloholic’, writes about the typical road map us Indians have a dear tendency of following. Study, get a job, work, save, buy a flat, a car, marry, have kids. Surely, these things are not all that trivial and should be credited for giving us their own fair share of happiness.  The question is, is that all? I would say no and also that I’m awfully desirous.

What about the joy of a holiday stay in one of those beautiful houses in Santorini? And taking a dip in one of its natural pools easily the most exotic? A boat ride in the Carrera Lake? Or through the breath-taking Blue caves of Zakynthos Island? Sitting with the love of your life (just dramatizing) at the edge of Preachers rock at Preikestolen? That bliss. Having a quite dinner at the Sanyou cave restaurant above the absolutely beautiful Chang Jiang River? This list can go on until I stop writing this any further and go back to making sure my bucket list has everything in it.

I often ask myself what is it that’s holding me back from tasting this kind of freedom, freedom that will almost seem magical? And I realize it’s just me. I wonder if it’s really all about ‘pack your bags and hit the road’. And I realize I’ll never know until I pack my bag and hit the road. I feel a tad bit (kidding, a lot more than that) jealous when I hear the cine-perfect tales of seasoned travelers, ticking off places from their bucket list at the speed of a Concorde. But they also give me hope. They reinforce my already absolute faith in the fact that at the end of the day, I would rather lay back and relive all the memories upshot of my wanderlust than look at a passbook presenting a handsome bank balance.  Rightly do they say, Traveling is an experience you spend money for and it makes you richer.

With every journey you begin, you add life to your days. And I believe there is no end. You view the same thing differently having seen the high blue sky from the other side of the world. New landscapes, new colors, new people – and you become a new you. Or just ascertain who you really are, just how David Mitchell puts it in Cloud Atlas, ‘Travel far enough, you meet yourself’.

What the future holds for you is decided by every second you live (and not exist). Your ship will go where you steer it to go. It might get lost amid titanic waves. The waves might consume the ship of life and that might be the end. What one should believe in is a beautiful ending, even if you get consumed by it. So, keep rolling in the stars!


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